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Welcome to Helton Hay!
We are open 8 to 6 Mon-Sat at
20651 Palomar St. in Wildomar!
We have GMO FREE (Genetically Modified Organism) feed for poultry, livestock & horses in our feed store. We may be the only store in the IE with GMO FREE FEEDS!  What your chickens eat goes into their EGGS… should be GMO free!  It should be a GMO FREE KING FEED PRODUCT!!
Check out this shocking study on feeds using GMO products.
Let us help you sell your unwanted, new or used tack! Our "Consignment Section" at the store is low because everything keeps flying off the shelf! It is all selling! Come into the store for all the details.
Helton Hay & Feed is a family owned & operated business. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and provide delivery services six days a week. We sell competitively priced, top-of-the-line products to best serve our customers and, most importantly, keep their animals healthy and happy!
Fresh hay is always arriving!
Blow-Out Super Sale!
SALE on Purina Stragedy Horse Feed (while supplies last)!!
Our horse hay pellets ( ALFALFA & ALF/ BERMUDA ) in #50 bags are now only $10.05 a BAG! If you buy a pallet of pellets we will further DISCOUNT your purchase to $9.55 a bag! Come into the store and check it out!
Congrats to Terresa M, Pam H, and Cary L. for winning a Freedom Block, and to Tina P for winning the Double J Horse Feeder in out first product raffle!!! Check out our Facebook page to see the raffle videos!
We now have slow (free) feeders for your horse. Come in, take a look and find out how this feeder helps save you time and money, while providing your horse with a healthier, more natural way to feed.
So much happening at the store!!

We now have Running P Ropes
for all your ropin' needs!

We also have Jones Natural Chews for your dog!

We now have top-of-the-line pet foods like 
Taste of the Wild and Canidae.

New Horse Corrals, Feeders, and Mats.
So much more! Come in and check out
all the new products TODAY!
Current hay prices - subject to change without notice

Current hay prices - subject to change without notice

Alfalfa Premium Type 1
Price 21.49
Stable Hay (alfalfa)
Price 18.00
Price 25.75
Orchard/Alfalfa Blend
Price 18.00
Oat Hay
Price 23.99
Winter Mix (Oats-Wheat-Barley)
Price 23.00
Price 18.00
Mountain Meadow Grass
Price 23.99
Cow Hay (when available)
Price 16.99
Price 10.00
Mixed Bag
Price 5.00